15 Jan

I am John Green, The Affiliate Marketing Nurse. I earn side-income from these amazing places. Whether your a nurse or not, you can make money online. No sit back, relax, and learn my top places to make extra money online.

The TOP 5 Ways I Make Extra Money Online 


Upwork is a site dedicated to freelancers. I promote my healthcare knowledge and earn money from people looking for my services. I write medical blods and papers, do voice recordings and help write resumes. The list of opportunities is constant. I search for new job offers and place bibds on the ones I want to do. Check out my Upwork Profile to get an idea of how to do this. It is rather simple. Prepare to meet deadlines and share your value to your future customers. Write down your talents and think of what you have to offer people. Others are out there right now and want to pay you for your help. Upwork is a great place ot make extra money. Some even make this their full time income stream. The sky is the limit.

 My Next GIG is lined up. I will talk for 15 minutes total per milestone and receive a full hour of pay. That is $35 per 15 minutes. I have 4 stents today so that equals $140!

#4 - Melaleuca

I became a customer of Melaeuca over 5 years ago. The simple reasonis I love the products. Melaleuca offers hundreds of healthy products that my family and I love. After using their products, I found that I enjoy recommending them. People became my customer simply from enrolling with me. They shop and i earn extra money. I have earned over $6K doing this. The sky is the limit and there are business builders earning millions. If you are great with people and love sharing great products with others then this is a great place for you to make money. It is a win-win company. Save time and money shopping and earn money and rewards. To visit my Melaleuca page for more info, CLICK HERE

#3 - Surveys

I earn extra money taking online surveys. There are many scams out there so please be careful. Do your research before joining any. I have earned $50 + an hour using surveys for medical professionals. No matter what your good at, there are survey sites out there that pay. SOme of the top paying sites in 2022 are Inbox DOllars, Survey Junkie, and Swag Bucks. You won't get rich from this, but hey a few extra bucks helps these days!

#2 - GuidePoint Consultants

I joined Guidepoint a few years ago. A buddy of mine recommended it to. I joined and completed my profile and added my resume. I set my hourly rate at $300/hour. My expertise came in handie during the pandemic. Businesses request my consultation to help them with problems they are facing in healthcare. I talk and share my ideas and earn $300 an hour. SOme of my calls last 2+ hours. I do not get regular requests (OR THIS WOULD BE MY MAIN JOB) but when I do it's extra money in the bank. Guidepoint is one of the best consulting companies. It is legit and I do receive money after completing my calls. This is an invitation only program. If interested Please send a request through the contact me form on this site and I can send you more info. 

P.S. - I logged in to check as I wrote this and ANOTHER GIG request. I am scheduled to discuss nurse staffing at $300/hr later this week!

P.P.S - This was an amazing call with some guys looking to help fix healthc are problems. COnsulting work is so much fun. Hey, another $300 for an hour of talking! 


NAturally, Affiliate Marketing is my NUMBER 1, Numeral UNO way to make moeny online. The reason is simple. I follow a system, rinse and repeat, and make money from other people's solutions and systems. The systems I promote work and therefore the integridy of affiliate marketing is solid. I feel good about it and can look in the mirror. I love afifliate marketing. I enjoy something other than my normal career stuff. I bring in 50+ people a day into my business and then it is truly Post and Earn. It is my #1 recommendation and if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT! Check out the exact system I follow. It is less than $7 (I mean seriously, what do you have to lose?) You will lose everything if you never try. Check out Pheonix Reloaded for less than $7 NOW.

This is an IMPORTANT MESSAGE: No Matter what you chose to TRY, you MUST FIX your BRain and Thinking. All of these solutions work. If you continue to fasil it is because of You. I am sorry and not trying to hurt your feelings. I am giving you the way to fix this so you can move on and make more money. Watch my Video "How to Trick Your Mind To Success" NOW 

I receive emails like the one below all day long. Affiliate marketing is a simple side gig that even this Nurse Expert can do! If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!

Follow the easy steps laid out my the marketing experts inside Pheonix Reloaded. Come on, it is just $7 bucks! Check it out HERE  

Waht a great day! As I finished this post, I had a $783 day! Not bad for a Nurse with no online marketing experience. YOU GOT HTIS! 

PEACE! John. The Affiliate Marketing Nurse 

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