03 Nov

This is a mouthful, but we can get through these tips with relative ease. The reason is simple. Develope new habits and the impact in phenominal. STart with right now. How do you feel? Are you tired? DId you sleep good last night? Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed? Are you burned out? Do you question why am I doing this (whatever this is...building a business, growing a career, completed a degree)?? Right now I want you to focus on your breathing. Take a deep breath in and count to 5 as you do. Now, hold your breath for 6 seconds and slowly exhale as you count to 7. I use the 5,6,7 breath technique 10 times a day. At least that I am aware of. It is a habit so I may do this 100 times  day without knowing. Breathing is part of the daily solution to increase your energy, mental acuity, and helps you become more efficient and happy. 

Every morning I wake up, I first thank God for letting me be alive and enjoy this amazing life, I say "I will take my MEDS today." I am not talking about pills when I say this. I am talking about my habits. My daily habits lead to more energy, better focus and mental clarity, increased drive and motivation, better productivity, and I feel happy. It is true and my only hope is that this helps you like it helps me.

So what do I mean when I say "I take my MEDS everyday"? MEDS is an acronym. It reminds me of the habits that make me the best version of ME I can be today. Let me explain more.

M - Meditation

E - Exercise

D- Diet

S - Sleep

I take my MEDS everyday and live a happy life. I wake up and start my day by stretching. I loosen my back and hip flexors (my problem areas) and then do a combination of jogging/biking/push-ups and arm curls. The point is to exercise and get your body moving. This sets the tone for the entire day. As I am exercising I listen to positive recordings. I love audibles and listen to podcasts and books. I AVOID SCROLLING ON SOCIAL MEDIA! WIthin 20 minutes I accomplished the E of MEDS. The rest is simple. I use my focus breathing throughout the day to relax my mind and body. Google meditation techniques to find one that works for me. I use a process that involves 5,6,7 breathing as I think the words "release, calm, let go". Meditating at mid-day recharges me in a way that I can't explain. I feel great and ready to take on more challenges and solve more problems. 

Diet is critical for energy, acuity, and focus. I feel happier now that I am eatting better. Don't get me worng, I love eatting carbs and drinking the heavy IPA beer, but my body hates me the next day. What worked for me is a fasting schedule. I have an "eatting window" that I follow. The window is for 8 hours. My eatting window is 11a-7p. I use this window for a few reasons. One of the reasons, I will share next, is this time follows the 3-2-1 Sleep method that Branden Burchard teaches. I lost 25 pounds in 8-weeks. My mental clarity is 500% better while fasting. I drink plenty of water and drink black coffee (All that I want) and then eat a couple health(ier) meals during my eatting window. I am use to it now. I have more energy, I am focused more and I sleep better.

The s in MEDS is sleep. We all need better sleep to focus and take on the challenges of the day. I used to be the guy that said I could do it all on 3-4 hours of sleep. This couldn't be further from the truth. SInce I began fasting and following the 3-2-1- sleep method, I sleep better and feel ready to take on more. I feel happier and less frustrated and groggy. The 3-2-1 sleep method is simple!

3 - Stop eatting 3 hours before bed. This is why I stop eatting at 7p for my 10 pm bed time

2- Stop working 2 hours before bed. No more emails and responding to work related issues.

1 - Stop looking at device screens of any kind 1 hour before bed. Get off the cell phone and plug it in somewhere away from your bed. Go back to an old fashion alarm clock if you need this to wake up.  

An additional component to MEDS is MEDS-RX. The r stands for better relationships with others and the x stands for supplementation. Relationships can make you feel better about life, energized or they can beat you down. I tell people all the time that toxic people have no place in my life. I refuse to entertain or to change me when interacting with a negative person. I attempted suicide over another person 18 years ago and since then, I focus on me and my positive energy. If you have positive energy and good morals and intentions, chances are I would love to be your friend. THink about how the people you interact with and let into your circle make you feel. Surround yourself with high-performers with great energy and what do you think can happen to you?

This is my last tip for this article. It is a tip I started using a few months ago. It truly works for me and sets my mind on track for the day. It helps me get through the rougher times when people in my circle are doubful, negative, and draining. It helps me maintain my goal to be the best version of me possible. Here goes...

The first thing I do when I wake up is my workout. I spend at least 5-10 minutes working out. This includes stretching my lower back and hip flexors. I may run or bike or just do pushups and basic curls. The point is I move for 5-10 minutes every morning. I listen to a pod cast or audibles that is based on positive thinking. I listen to high performance coaches or elite athletes. It puts me in a great headspace. Then I write my goals for the day. I spend 15-20 minutes doing this. FInd the time! This works. I read my goals and use afformations "WHy am I reaching my goals today?" This mindset allows me to take action throughout the day that is intentful. I have a purpose and my intentions are to achive my goals. Every morning exercise for at least 5-minutes, read or listen to a podcast for 5-10 minutes, and write your goals for 5-minutes. This is the best way to keep your focus, purpose, and make your day meaningful. When you day is meaningful you feel better. You feel happy! 

I truly hope these tips help you and I wish you a happy, energized, meaningful day, week, month, year, and life. 

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Peace. John.

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