01 Nov

There is a common problem that marketers deal with on a daily basis. The problem is not that huge but I do want to address it. The problem is knowing where your leads and sales come from. If you are running a couple different lead campaigns, you need to know what interventions are working. When you have multiple leads coming it, you want to scale the interventions that are working and reduce your efforts ont hose that arent.

When your leads come in this fast, it can be diffiuclt to know where they are coming from:

The best way to track these leads are to use tagging and Add Tracking. Here is the Link from Aweber that tells you how to do this. I am doing this moving forward! https://help.aweber.com/hc/en-us/articles/204029316-How-do-I-find-subscribers-that-sign-up-through-a-particular-form-

Moving forward I will have a better sense of what techniques work and what techniques don't work. I will reduce my wasted efforts and scale up those producing the leads.

How do you track where your sales come from? If this keeps happening to you...

It is hard to tell where your sale came from. I would like to circle back to the email and reply with "hey thanks! I am here to support you as the affiliate and would love to hear our feedback on the product." I found a decent article that shows you how to track sales from different traffic sources. I can at least know what traffic strategies are producing sales and scale up. Here is the article I found https://help.warriorplus.com/en/articles/1658607-can-i-track-sales-from-different-traffic-sources

DO you have other strategies for tracking where your leads and sales come from using Adsense and Warrior Plus?

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Peace. John, The Affiliate Marekting Nurse. 

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