Welcome to my Blog. Navigating the tumultuous terrain is something that keeps most leaders up at night. Healthcare may be complex, but it doesn't have to be as complicated as you make it. The key that differentiates mediocre leaders from successful leaders is their ability to solve problems and move on. Skills that determine successful leaders include:
  • Great Leaders Know the Proven strategies that solve problems.
  • Great Leaders can build strong working and collaborative relationships with professionals.
  • Great Leaders understand how to avoid letting their emotions block their progress.
  • Great Leaders use their upper brains to lead others. 
  • Great Leaders see problems as opportunities and jump in when others try to get out.
It is great to meet you! My name is John Green and I have devoted the last 28 years navigating healthcare. My passion is building up leaders' confidence and abilities to solve complex problems. My blog articles focus on problems leaders face daily. My love is breaking down the complexity of patient throughput and shaving off valuable wasted minutes to improve metrics and times. Staffing is the crux of the healthcare burden. My dissertation and research position me as an expert in understanding what motivates your staff to stay in your organization. Leaders spend 80% of their day trying to fix their staffing. This does not have to be the way moving forward!

Leave me a comment in the contact form, and let me know what problems you need help with. I will get back to you and share solutions and advice to help you move forward. You may inspire me to write an article about solutions to the problems you share with me. 

Navigate through my blogs, articles, and posts about how to move forward through all the tumultuous terrain that is known as healthcare.