06 Nov

Welcome to the new way of thinking, exploring, creating, building, and growing your new tomorrow. Do you have the curiosity and courage to start a new journey? The journey does not require physical exertion, nor does it place you at risk. This journey does not need you to go "all in" to build and grow your new business. You will not need to quit your day job, nor should you. I am not asking you to be someone you are not. If building a business is possible without all the sacrifice, why do so many people give up or never try?

You have a business when you add value to other people's lives. The truth is that we want to make money without doing the work. The work is not physical labor but rather mental energy and focuses on helping others understand. Sharing a way to live a healthier life is the nature of this business. Sharing a way to feel stronger, lose weight, and expose your family and pets to a safer life in this business. 

Let me ask you a question. Would you buy a weight loss product or enroll in a personal trainer that was morbidly obese? Would you buy the "best car in the world" from a salesman that would not be caught dead in that car? Integrity is the key ingredient to building a successful health and wellness business. Imagine if you were paid every time one of your friends or family to watch the Netflix series you called and told them to watch. Your friends and family love hearing from us and want to enjoy the things you enjoy. The way forward is through sharing something that you love and enjoy.

You don't need overhead or staff to build your health and wellness business. You don't need to collect money from customers or try and collect past-due payments. You have a single job in building and growing your business. Your job requires you to share what you love. The people who know and love you will look to you and thank you for showing them your business.

You are at the edge of a decision that will change your life. You can jump off and not know where you will land, or you can jump, open your shoot, and gently land. Building your health and wellness business can be a wonderful experience without fear of falling. All you need is the "right" place, and all the rest will follow.  

Are you ready to begin your new journey? Are you prepared to take a new direction without losing what you currently have? Are you ready to build a business that allows you to be you and grow as little or much as you want?

The way forward requires a positive mind and an ability to see the value. The only way to see the value is to live the value first. Growing a business requires effort, not complexity. People are making this too hard. When you make something to hard you give-up. I am telling you not to give up on you. I am telling you not to give up on your goals to be healthier, feel stronger, lose the weight you need to, and help others do the same. CLose your eyes and imagine how you will feel when you help your loved ones lose weight, improve their immune system, reduce their asthma exacerbations, have more energy and so on and so on and so on...

The simple way to discover the business that will do this is to CLICK RIGHT HERE.

I am a busy peron and currently working on my Doctoral Dissertation. My goal is to discover solutions for the RN/Nurse workforce crisis. This is my passion. My other passion is keeping people out of the hospital. If we can reduce illness thenw e can reduce the demand for nurses in the hospital. If you take action and change your health then I did my job. If you build a business and help others, then my compound impact worked. This is a business that will change your life and help change the direction of healthcare in your circle of life. I look to you to take action and help my quest to improve the health and wellness of people all around. I applaud you for having the curiosity to explore this business and take action. 

All you need to do is CLICK HERE and watch my videos that explain where and how to do this.  

Should you wish to live a vibrant life, look fear of change in teh eye and say "NOT TODAY". Changing your tomorrow is possible and can be easy to enjoy. The "roommate in your head telling this is all garbage" must be evicted. That guy has to go! I need you to do your part and help others. I think of you as a minister of health and an embassador of well-being. You are an extension to fix the healthcare crisis. We must do this together. I am grateful you took the time to read this and watch my videos explaining the business and place that makes it possible. 

Take a deep breath, let your fear go and CLICK THIS LINK and move forward in your life. 

PEACE. John Green, RN, MSN, DHA(C)  

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