How to Get More "Stuff" Done.

Breadcrumb: Work Smarter
  •  6/12/2023 02:08 PM

In this blog, I share ways to get "stuff done daily! The concept of getting "stuff" done implies that you are getting past the routine "stuff" and trying new "stuff." The last posts discuss how to stay motivated and work on your mindset. Go back and read these posts because they are important. If you lack the motivation and passion, chances are the new "stuff" won't last long. Don't just try random things you have no interest in. Sure, it is great to learn how to develop new habits, like driving a new way to work or trying new places to eat. However, long-term habits define you and who you want to be. This post shares a breadcrumb that will help you save time. I call it the work Smarter Breadcrumb. Make your new "stuff" easier and use all available resources.

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Breadcrumbs: Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall
  •  6/9/2023 12:11 PM

What do you see when you look in the mirror after waking up and getting ready for your day? Do you notice your inner self, dreams, and vision of who you want to be? Do you look into your own eyes and talk to the reflection looking back at you? Do you share what you plan on doing differently for the day?

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Breadcrumbs: Patience
  •  6/7/2023 10:31 AM

A new habit that developed in the world of technology is constant contact. You are glued to yoursmartphone and can instantly connect with people from around the world. Having the ability and meansto communicate with others quickly is a good thing. The side-effect of all this technology is the newhabit of instantaneity. Over the past decade, people have become dependent on instant responses; ifyour text is not replied to within a few seconds, you wonder why. The concept of instant anything canprevent you from taking a step. The reason is pretty simple. If you take a step and nobody notices orreplies instantly, you may feel it doesn't matter. You need to get this idea out of your head!

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