12 Jun

In this blog, I share ways to get "stuff done daily! The concept of getting "stuff" done implies that you are getting past the routine "stuff" and trying new "stuff." The last posts discuss how to stay motivated and work on your mindset. Go back and read these posts because they are important. If you lack the motivation and passion, chances are the new "stuff" won't last long. Don't just try random things you have no interest in. Sure, it is great to learn how to develop new habits, like driving a new way to work or trying new places to eat. However, long-term habits define you and who you want to be. This post shares a breadcrumb that will help you save time. I call it the work Smarter Breadcrumb. Make your new "stuff" easier and use all available resources.

#1: Voice-to-Text Sofware: My vision is to write as though I am speaking. I love talking to others and sharing what is in my brain. Voice-to-text software captures my voice so I can focus on the message, not the writing (At first!). I am learning this technology and still like to free-write. I suggest trialing software to find one that fits your needs. 

#2: Grammarly: I plug in my voice-to-text into Grammarly. I am not the world's best writer and need help! Grammarly is a great application that lets me select my style, audience, and formality. I use Grammarly in a couple of ways. Sometimes (as I write this post), I write in the application and let it correct me. I focus on the message without the worry of proper grammar. A second way is to copy in former saved writings or voice-to-text writings for easy review and correction.

 #3: Templates: I completed my first book and published it on Amazon. (CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT). I never published a book for e-reading or an actual paperback book. Amazon supplied templates that made it easy to focus on the content rather than the specifics. As you take this journey to accomplishing more "stuff," look for ways to help you focus on the content and context of what you want to achieve and less on the specifics of how. The how trips people up and stops them in their tracks. I say, "Just figure it out and keep moving!" 

Hang out with people who accomplish the "stuff" you want to accomplish. Learn from them, listen to them, and be inspired by them. If you surround yourself with people who do what you want, chances are you will do what you want to do. I attended a webinar and was inspired by the author of a Book. I reached out to the author and shared my thoughts and insights. We talked and shared ideas. His words inspired me to write my first book. I follow people like this author versus those who are negative and complain. If you want to be a painter, then follow painters; if you want to learn an instrument, follow people that play the instrument you want to play. It sounds straightforward, but many people need to catch up on this point. 

Have a fantastic day, and take one step toward your new life of doing more "stuff!"

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