07 Jun

A new habit that developed in the world of technology is constant contact. You are glued to yoursmartphone and can instantly connect with people from around the world. Having the ability and meansto communicate with others quickly is a good thing. The side-effect of all this technology is the newhabit of instantaneity. Over the past decade, people have become dependent on instant responses; ifyour text is not replied to within a few seconds, you wonder why. 

The concept of instant anything canprevent you from taking a step. The reason is pretty simple. If you take a step and nobody notices orreplies instantly, you may feel it doesn't matter. You need to get this idea out of your head!

My solution and breadcrumb for you are simple; however, it requires you to change your thoughts. Awhile back, maybe two years ago, I created a blog. It was exciting as I made content and wrote aboutthings, I thought people loved to read about. I hit post and shared my post on social media. I waited andwaited and waited and....

As you can probably tell, nothing ever happened. The weird thing is that I never stopped posting andcontinue to post to this day. I continue to write and share ideas and solutions with others (even if theydon't read my posts) because I love doing it. When you love what you do, it doesn't matter if you getimmediate responses. My heart tells me that my writing will benefit somebody someday, whichmotivates me. My breadcrumb for you is to do what you love and enjoy. Imagine your daily effortsreaching people next week, year, or century. If you can't imagine this, you are focusing on the wrong "stuff" to do.

It is outstanding if you try something and switch to something else. You may think you love or want toachieve something, to discover your real feelings. You will only know if you love it once you beginexperiencing new stuff. If this new stuff doesn't flood your mind when you wake up and go to bed,doesn't give you goosebumps when you work on it, then switch to something else you think you love to do.

Learn to practice patients and expect people not to notice you. I set this expectation because I need todo more to gain approval. I do what I do because I love it, and if it helps one person, then that is onemore person I helped than if I did nothing.

When I started writing my dissertation, everyone should know. I was excited to study a relationshipeveryone would want to hear about. As I wrote, studied, researched, and spent hours late at night in myoffice writing, I felt a sense of joy. At that moment, I didn't care who read my work, understood what Iwas doing, or responded to my research. This was my life and work, and I loved doing it. This level ofpassion filled me with joy that is impossible to describe. The feeling of working on my research felt likebreathing. The new habit of reading articles, researching ideas, and conversing with other researcherswas easy. I took one step a day. The fact that others didn't know what I was going through,experiencing, and working on did not matter to me. What mattered was the experience that now lives inmy heart, mind, and soul.

Avoid letting instant praise and recognition drive you. When your passion is accurate, and othersrespond, then congratulations. Let this motivate you. The glory will die down, so you need to haveenough love to move through that.

I talk to others and share my joy in an empty room. I put it out in the universe, and god heard me. I amserious when I recommend you try this. Talk out loud, share the step you took for the day, and put itinto the universe. It makes you feel great, even when "nobody" replies. You learn to sing and want towrite songs. Someday people will love you; today, you need to love yourself and the process. Loving theprocess will move you down the path one day at a time.

Accept this breadcrumb and follow it down your path. The breadcrumbs I share will lead you to newmoments, experiences, and passion. My breadcrumbs will help you get "stuff" every day. One step at a time and before you know it, you will walk around the world.

Have a wonderful day!

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