06 Jun

So breadcrumb number one. 

I call it to substitute. 

In my first post, you learned that before you go to bed, write down your to-do list of things you must do the next day. Your list includes stuff like Waking up, exercising, making breakfast, and making coffee. You must get those kids ready and take out the dogs if you're a parent. Brush your teeth. Get up, get the kids to school, and go to Work. Go to Work for eight hours and come home. Make dinner, settle the house. Blah, blah, blah. It's seven. O'clock, nowhere on that to-do list. Did you say? Scroll through social media on my phone for two and a half hours. Binge-watch Netflix for two hours. Call your friend to complain about a co-worker today at Work for an hour? Get on the phone and complain about my siblings to another sibling?

So I call this breadcrumb the substitute because you're replacing any of these activities not on your list with an activity that will move you forward. You didn't put it on your list when you went to bed, so it is fair game to add an activity that is valuable to getting stuff done you want and love.

So when doing it, you need to substitute one of those activities. We're going to start small. One of those activities that You're just going to substitute with something else, right? You are substituting your time from one activity that wastes and drains your time to another action that may replenish your time over time. Think of the possibilities?!
This simple breadcrumb is going to help you take one step forward. If you fail to substitute one of these activities not on your list, then the new stuff you want to do is unimportant. Go back to my original post and figure out what you are passionate about that will let this concept work.

Add the activity you are substituting on your phone as a reminder. The reminder will pop up when you're doing something not on your list. (Set it for 6am or 8pm). If you are on your phone scrolling and your reminder pops up, You're going to stop making excuses, and you're going to stop doing the shit that just gets in your way. Don't tell me you don't have 15 minutes. Every day to do something when you're spending hours doing this. Bullshit stuff. That's just taking away your time.
So substitute one thing.

And what I want you to do is just write that one thing on your list. Before you go to bed. Mine is I will read for 15 minutes; I got books everywhere. I'm going to read. I'm going to write. I got all my writing stuff in my safe place. And I will do it in my safe little Haven, my little office in my house.

You're going to just do that every day. It's because it's going to become a new habit. And when you dedicate that to your daily routine, That will be that breadcrumb for you. Now I used to write myself little notes to do it. I put reminders on my phone. Let's see if any of them are.

My reminder went off as I wrote this post. My reminder told me to "Read for 15 minutes and write my reflection". My love is to help others as a coach; your goal might be to learn how to be a mechanic. Your goal might be, Hey, I've always wanted to play guitar, and I am trying to figure out how, but I don't have any time. Well, now you're going to take 15 minutes, and you're going to watch a video on the basics of guitar. You're going to read a guitar book. You're going to read theory.

You're going to go out and buy a damn guitar. Right. You're going to do something.
So this is the substitute. You're going to substitute something. That you're already doing. And here's another tip. Put the reminder on your phone cause chances are you'll be on your phone, scrolling through Tik TOK, Instagram, or Facebook. Your reminder will pop up and say, spend 15 minutes doing fill-in-the-blank. Now you have no damn excuse. So substitute that activity for what's eating up your time.

With a new activity that's going to help you. Take one step on the right path; each day, that's a new breadcrumb. It's just a breadcrumb following each breadcrumb. Don't think about the 10 miles you might walk. Think about the step you need to take today. Take that next step. Follow the breadcrumb.

So that's my breadcrumb idea for today. Make sure you bookmark me to keep hearing my posts daily. I promise to add. A daily post, if not more, to this blog. And to help you, just move forward because you have goals and dreams. You have a vision of the things you want to do.

And I'm going to help you do them. Take care.

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