30 Apr

     The mixture of reality, past circumstances, and hope for a better future inspires people to try. The visual dream of a better healthcare system creeps into your mind throughout the day. The intrinsic passion that what you do will have a positive impact on hundreds to thousands of patients for years to come. You understand that solutions are out there, lying in the minds of brilliant people that are afraid to release them. You profoundly appreciate that when people can use their creative brains, they will solve the problems inflicting millions.   

     The above statements are a few answers I offer when others ask me why I chose healthcare leadership. The world does not imaginarily get better because we want it to. Action is required to change the narrative. Leading means presence, courage, and creating an environment where brilliant minds can problem-solve. Skills and talent are of little use if your behaviors hold you back.      

     Take the time to learn the names of your team. Spend time understanding your team's motivations, passions, and dreams. Lead them through autonomy, encouragement, and inspiration.

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