"New Doctoral Study Uncovers Game-Changing Insights on RN Retention

National Study Shatters the Myth: It's Not All About the Money When It Comes to RN Retention: Here are the Key Takeaways You Need To Know!

  • National Survey Data of RNs in Acute Care Hospitals Disproves the Link Between Pay Satisfaction and Job Turnover
  • Findings Show That Supporting Intrinsic Motivators and Creating a Supportive Work Environment are Key to Retaining RNs
  • Rural and Urban Settings Show Similar Results, Emphasizing the Importance of Fostering a Positive Work Culture
  • RN Retention Strategies Should Focus on Satisfying Nurses' Professional Fulfillment and Encouraging a Positive Work Environment, Rather Than Just Offering Higher Pay.
  • Prolonged Stress Takes a Toll: Studies Links Burnout to Low Job Satisfaction and High Intent to Quit
  • Early Intervention is Key: Nurses with Lower Burnout Report Higher Levels of External Support
  • Understanding Your Staff is Crucial: Knowing When They Need Help Can Prevent Burnout and Intention to Leave
  • Don't Wait Until It's Too Late: Take Steps to Address Prolonged Stressors and Support Your Nurses to Prevent Burnout and Job Turnover
  • Pay Disparities Can Undermine Job Satisfaction: New Research Reveals the Importance of Salary Transparency
  • Avoiding Salary Comparisons: Keep Your Team Focused on Your Shared Goals and Objectives
  • The Goal is to Reduce Dependence on Agency Nurses and Improve Retention: Focus on Recruitment and Retention Strategies
  • Building a Strong Team: Emphasize the Benefits of Working Together and Investing in Your Staff's Professional Growth and Development.

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