11 Oct

Just when you thought the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was over, guess again! The 6th annual CEO Soak was held today in Pittsbugh. This is not the Youtube challenge you are accustomed to, this challenge involves full suite and tie wardrodes and a huge waterfountain.

The 6th annual CEO soak event is the ice bucket challenge in a three-piece suite. Corporate leaders participate in the event to raise money for local families dealing with ALS. The event has raised over  $550,000 since 2017 and there is no stopping it now. The event is presented by The ALS  Association Western Pennsylvania Chapter, currently helping over 350 ALS survivors. You can still make donations to support the ALS chapter by clicking HERE.

ALS (Also Known as Lou Gehrig's Disease) stands for Amyotriphic Lateral Sclerosis.  ALS is a progressive disease of the nervouse system. The disease targets the specific nervous cells that control the voluntary muscles related to walking and talking. Late symptoms of ALS include immobility, slurred speach and swallowing impairments, and breathing problems. The life expectancy of a person with ALS is 2-5 years. 

60% of the people diagnosed with ALS are men and 93% of them are caucasian. The most common age to develope the disease is between 40-70 years old. Half of people diagnosed live at least 3 years before succumbing to the disease. 

The cause of ALS baffles researchers, however there are factors that researchers beleive contribute to the disease. Smoking tobacco increases a person's risk for ALS. Other rationales that researchers beleive contribute to ALS development include free radical injury, genetic defects, viral infections, cytoskeletal protein defects, and autoimmune and inflammatory mechanisms.

Events like the CEO soak and the icebucket challenge raise awareness and money. People and their families living with ALS require a lot of resources. Imagine that you can no longer walk, shower, cook your meals, or go to the bathroom. WHen a person is diagnosed with ALS their life changes forever. Please visit the ALS Association to make a donation today!

In Loving Memory for my Uncle Tom! You enjoyed life - hunting, fishing, playing cards and laughing right to the end. I did not understand your disease year's ago but understood the love I witnessed as your siblings (one of them my father) took care of you, right ot the end. RIP! 


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