13 Oct

In my post Is There a Fix for the Nurse Crisis in America,  I share my DHA study variables. These variables are rather simple, however are not at the surface of topic discussion. It is rather perplexing to watch and hear as hospitals, systems, and other other healthcare organizations share the millions of dollar losses, lay-offs, and closures, while expecting the frontline staff to "hold the line" with little contirbution to their efforts.

In my study, I measure pay satisfaction and the intention to leave. I share the costs associated with RN turnover, the rate of RN turnover (highest ever!) and the costs associated with contract labor. If RNs (we can apply this to any discipline/workforce) are leaving as a result of pay dissatisfaction (speculative as I have not completed the study as of yet), then common sense tells to improve this variable to lower turnover and associated costs related to turnover.

As I explore this phenomenon and work on IRB approval and meeting my research sample size, I reach out to you, my wonderful audience. If you are reading this, I invite you to take the Quiz Poll at the bottom. This is "unofficial research", but very valuable information. As I mention in my POST, this study is just the beginning.

I am asking "How much are you worth?" in today's healthcare climate. For 26 years, I worked for the intrinsic values that I received and the cultures I expereinced. My research asks "is this still enough?" I have my opinions and thoughts (maybe biased after 26 years) but look to hear from you. 

Please take a moment to click on the Quiz Link to share your views on your worth to healthcare.

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