13 Dec

In 2022, health care was revolutionized. Innovative solutions have been developed to improve the quality and delivery of healthcare services. Patients now have access to a variety of new technologies that allow them to stay connected to their doctors and receive personalized care. For example, virtual reality technology has been developed to enable patients to experience virtual hospital visits. Patients can now receive care without having to leave their homes, saving time and money. Artificial intelligence and robotics have also been integrated into the healthcare system. AI-powered robots can assist with administrative tasks, freeing up time for doctors to focus on patient care. Additionally, robotic surgery is becoming more popular, allowing for more precise and less invasive procedures.

The focus of 2023 needs to be more questionable. 2023 marks a significant milestone for health care:  the year when prevention and wellness become the priority for a healthier future. After years of focusing on treatment and reactive maintenance, the healthcare industry is finally focusing on prevention and wellness. 

The shift towards prevention and wellness is driven by several factors. First, the rising healthcare costs have made it increasingly difficult for individuals and families to access quality care. By shifting the focus to prevention and wellness, healthcare providers can help individuals and families reduce healthcare costs by avoiding costly treatments and procedures. 

Second, the growing prevalence of chronic diseases has highlighted the need for proactive care. Healthcare providers can help individuals and families manage chronic conditions by focusing on prevention and wellness.

Health prevention and wellness is not a new concept. It is a major discussion points for years past. How is 2023 going to be different? Healthcare leaders must make 2023 the year that prevention strategies make healthcare access attainable. 

 This is my list of the 10 focus points for Healthcare 2023. Prevention is the key that allows us to pivot and focus our efforts to forward thinking. Leaders must answer the call to solve the complex tasks that lie ahead and use innovation to figure out new paths for a  sustainable healthcare system in 2023. 

My TOP 10 FOCUS for 2023

1. Increase access to affordable healthcare coverage

2. Strengthen primary care and preventive services 

3. Expand telehealth and digital health services 

4. Improve patient safety and quality of care 

5. Enhance the use of health information technology 

6. Promote value-based care and payment models 

7. Develop and implement population health strategies 

8. Increase access to mental and behavioral health services 

9. Improve healthcare data collection and analysis 

10. Enhance access to care for vulnerable populations

I was hoping you could drop a comment and let me know what your list looks like for 2023!

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